Do you know that word Selah, don’t you? The word Selah appears 74 times in the Old Testament – 71 times in the Psalms and 3 times in Habakkuk. The idea in the Hebrew for this word is a pause. Some think that this was a musical instruction, perhaps calling for a musical interlude of some kind. But … More Selah!

Has God chosen to make Himself known?

Erwin Lutzer makes this compelling argument: “If naturalism is false and if theism is true, and therefore God is responsible for all that is, then revelation is possible. And if revelation is possible, absolute standards are possible, should the Deity choose to make them known (Lutzer, The Necessity of Ethical Absolutes, p.65-90). So the question … More Has God chosen to make Himself known?

If God is so loving, why does He allow Evil and suffering?

This is the most common question people have regarding God. Let me put an interesting question for you to consider. What do you propose God should do about it? To stop evil and suffering. God would have to stop every act that causes any suffering. To do that, He would have to stop those who … More If God is so loving, why does He allow Evil and suffering?

My Lessons (AJ)

As of right now, we have been on lockdown for more than a month and a half. We have been self-quarantined because of this pandemic that is going on in this world. Schools, colleges, jobs have been closed down and people are with their families waiting to see when it is safe to go outside … More My Lessons (AJ)

Love beyond Borders!

It is just amazing what is happening now in the City of Philadelphia. I read this in the latest news, “Hundreds of people gathered in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to protest the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, but the peaceful demonstrations later turned violent with cars set ablaze and other property damage.” A true Christian … More Love beyond Borders!