Turning Trials into Triumph!

I was having this thought from this morning onwards especially after meeting up with families and individuals who are going through situations or trials beyond their ability to face off. Asking where to turn or how to be in a path to find the answer for their questions? I do believe it’s easy for us to praise God when the sun shines and everything is going our way. Knowing that God is with you in every situation, even in troubled times. Now when dark clouds cover the sun, look for the light and make a deliberate choice to be thankful and to praise God, no matter what your circumstances may be.

Every circumstance has its mercies and small blessings. When you lift praises to God, you inspire faith in your heart and teach your soul to trust in a God for whom nothing is impossible. So choose to praise God for everything that happens today. Turn your trials into triumph because the one living in you is greater than the one in this sinful morbid world. You might be going through moments of emotional difficulty or situations that is frustrating remember to rest in God’s ability to work all things together for good. Enjoy your day in the Lord, don’t complain for our Redeemer lives!


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