Restore us OH GOD!

The concern raised in the minds of both the young and old is the concern for Restoration. Restoration from bad health; Restoration from failed relationship; Restoration from financial decline; Restoration from past immoral failures; Restoration from rejection and the list goes on. But who can restore us or how can we be restored back?

I want you to think along with me: life is full of things that break, right? Yet you can repair or restore many things with just a little care and attention. You can reupholster an old chair, refinish a table, repair a favorite piece of clothing, and restore some discarded treasure to its rightful place of honor and use.

As you ply your needle, sand the surface of the wood, or paint a bright new color on a dingy, faded wall- right-all a process of repairing old back into new? Just like that, you can definitely take time to meditate on how God repairs and restores your soul. None who is reading this is perfect in heart and mind. We need restoration in all avenues of life. God is the great restoration expert. If you come to him this morning He will restore your broken hearts, heal your crushed spirits and uplift you from the ashes of failures. In Psalms 23:3 we read in this manner, “HE restores my soul and HE leads me in paths of righteousness for HIS name sake.”

Jesus is not only a way maker, or life changer but HE is the obstacle remover, the divine contractor and the builder of our lives. Bring your life to HIM and allow HIM to touch your lives today. If you are restored back you can become the bridge to restores others to GOD! Glory to God, our Redeemer lives!


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