The Makings of a GREAT MAN!

What makes a man great? Above all else, great men are visionaries. What makes these men tick?

Vision-More than anything else, great men are propelled by great dreams. They’re pulled along by the grip of destiny.

Innovation-Great men give the world “ideas” that change the existing order. They exude creativity and imagination.

Sacrifice-Great men deny themselves for a greater good. They’re so committed to their cause that they are willing to risk rejection.

Integrity-At their core, great men have unwavering character.

Optimism-Great men possess a passion that touches that noble impulse in each of us. They inspire us to want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Never Give up-Great men display unwavering belief in their mission. Against all odds they show tenacity, perseverance and faithfulness to their call.

Ability-Great men possess special abilities. They are men of skill-whether inventor, philosopher, theologian, scientist, artist, writer, poet, or preacher. The demand excellence from themselves.

Relate to Others-Great men have empathy and love for people. Their people skills include compassion, listening and humility. They relate to people from all walks of life.

Yahweh-Great men are first godly men. Great men do what they do to bring glory to God. They exist to serve their God in whatever way pleases Him.

Where do you stand? Are you a godly man or a man eaten by the world.

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