Memorial Tribute to Ravi Zacharias!

I am writing this to pay my tribute to a man who was identified as a skeptic. Not only a young mind troubled with the questions about life and what it has to offer. But, he was challenged by the circumstances of his time. While lying down in a hospital bed, a Christian worker brought him a Gideon New Testament. Upon receiving and reading John 14, which contains the words of the resurrected Christ to Thomas, one of the disciples. It was Jesus’ words in verse 19 that touched him as an invitation to shift his life’s paradigm: “Because I live, you also will live.”

Inviting that truth into his heart led him to understand there is something that holds life together in coherence and meaning. The power that gives life a drive. Sins drop away as irrelevant in the light of this mighty thing that has the power to break into life. Ravi’s life found its Lord, and that life knew it. And that’s the biggest thing that we need and must have in life. Ravi, found three truths becoming a reality in his life. First, in Christ he found his belonging. Second, in Christ he found his significance and Thirdly, in Christ he found his definitive security.

Ravi, defended the truth of Christ with conviction that only Christ can bring miracles into our lives to change our character and life, miracles that defines the nature around and our nature, turning the streams of history into refreshing channels, taking off the gates locked against human opportunity and setting men free. Only Christ can do this.

Ravi, preached and wrote about this Christ the one who is the embodiment of life and the ultimate reality of this universe and therefore, the one who resides in him. Ravi, was chosen by the Lord not to defend Him rather to stand tall in his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. True faith is indeed blind. But sound and unwavering faith must be built on facts to thrive. Ravi, showed the unwavering faith in Christianity and that it is not centered in the philosophy of man rather its rooted and ground in the realities of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ravi, proclaimed to this world that the final reality of life is perfectly expressed in Christ, the one crucified; the one Risen and the one Ascending, with hands outstretched to bless all. He showed the Christian how to look into their own souls and find Christ the resurrected. Ravi, helped millions to understand how the triumph of Christ is available to all by faith; and that the sorrow in life finds it end in this triumphing Christ; and that the redemption of the world has been accomplished. Ravi, proclaimed about Christ who fought to defeat death grip on your soul; the truth about Christ who won and in Him was victory for all by faith.

So I could say this after shadowing 20 years with Ravi, I found this: He was a man of one dominant purpose; His dominant purpose was of supreme worth; He achieved that purpose in a most common sense way. Thus the application of his life: He showed God is still ahead; Eternity is ahead; Christlikeness is ahead; finally home is ahead.

He lived out his faith life with this conviction: Forgetting those things that are behind, and reaching forth to those things that are before, I press forward to the mark that is the prize. Upon Jesus Christ I venture my all. I bet on Jesus Christ and His way of life. How about you? Do you know the Advocate of your soul? That’s whom Ravi Zacharias represented. Will you join with me to salute this man of God ? Lets’ do it for the glory of God alone!

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