Definition of Greatness!


Greatness begins when one is found by God and have his or her heart taken over by Him and makes their heart His home. The world define the greatness of an individual based on the impact he or she has on those around them. Now Bible gives greatness a different definition. Its a definition rooted in Christ. It’s a definition that finds its weight in the accomplished work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary and when that work has been imparted to us and proclaimed through us that’s when greatness becomes a reality in our lives. We are just tools in the hands of the Grand Weaver. Molded to accomplish the desire in the heart of the divine potter.

There is nothing like a great man of God because man is not perfect, but is weak, pitiful, faithless, godless, and lives in doubt and fear. That paradigm changes when God in Christ Jesus comes into our lives. This entrance of God in Christ Jesus into our hearts is the divine incarnation where God makes our heart his home, his dwelling place. This makes God the designer of our life portrait and we become the voice of His story imprinted on us and empowered to live out a life of Reflection, a life of representation, a life of Revelation, a life of remembrance, and a life refined.

Therefore, when Christ becomes the object of your faith and subject of your life, Firstly, you live out with the knowledge that the God to whom you belong is absolutely sovereign. He is supreme. He is number one. He will run the affairs of this universe and of your life. He has the right to rule and govern this universe which He made for His own glory , just as He pleases. He is under no rule or law outside His own will or nature. He is under obligation to no one. He is supreme. Secondly, living with the knowledge that God is perfectly holy. Such men flee from sin, judging sin, confessing sin, abhorring sin. Thirdly, living with the knowledge that God is completely faithful. He is true to his promises. He is the God of the covenant, the covenant keeping God. To support this let me bring a real life story from the life of Adoniram Judson. He preached to the Buddhists in Burma for six years without a convert. Every first Sunday he and his devoted wife would celebrate the Lord’s Supper and would say at the conclusion, “We are the church of Jesus in Burma.” Somebody wrote to Mr. Judson, after he had been there five years, to know what were the prospects for the conversion of the heathen. He answered, “As bright as the promises of God.” He had a personal knowledge that God is completely faithful.

Having such a personal knowledge of God is a vital prerequisite for effectiveness in this life God has given you through Christ. No mere human is great only Christ is great because he is absolutely sovereign, perfectly holy and completely faithful .

J.I Packer in his book, Knowing God, says four things of those who know God:

1. They have great energy for God
2. They have great thoughts of God
3. They show great boldness for God
4. They have great contentment in God.

Now think are you Great or Christ? Come to Jesus Christ who has dealt with the problem of your sin. It is through receiving Jesus Christ personally as your Savior that you can come to know God in a personal way. Absolutely Sovereign-Perfectly Holy- Completely Faithful!

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