Ceaseless Quality-When pleasure failed before the love of GOD in Christ Jesus!

When I read about Oscar Wilde I came across this grant fact that on his massive gravestone in Paris he selected to put a verse from the book of Job. Those of you who have read the book of Job know very well it is a book not known for pleasure, rather it’s known for pain. The verse had something to do with “my friend saw my misery and wept.” Why would a person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life ends up choosing a verse like that to imprint on his gravestone? On his last moments in deathbed, he looked at his lover and friend, Robby Ross, and he said, “Did you ever love one of those little boys for their own sake?” There’s a clue in all this, and it’s a brilliant question. Why did a pleasure seeker believe love ought to be for its own sake and not as a means to an end? How can loving someone for his or her own sake be the best thing, unless we are created out of love? So, when pleasure becomes a means to an end it disappoints. But when love becomes the ultimate goal as defined by God himself through Christ His Son, it takes you to greater and greater fulfillment, and that I call the demanding life filled with, “Ceaseless Quality.”  Having your empty heart filled with that ceaseless quality is what makes life abounding beyond the pleasures given to us by the world which is broken and without a cornerstone.

Written by: Evg. Graceson George

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