Do you believe in God?

The French author, Lavredan, long known as an atheist, when confronted by the horrors of the World War made this gripping confession: `I laughed at faith and thought myself wise. Finally this laughter became hollow and vain for I saw France bleeding and mourning. What would become of France if her children did not believe, if her women did not pray? Oh, a people whose fields are covered with the dead! How difficult it is to remain an atheist on this national cemetery! I cannot! I cannot ! I have deceived myself and you who have read my book. It was a delusion, a giddiness, an evil dream. I see death and call for life. Hands equipped with weapons make death; folded hands bring life. France, turn back to faith! To forsake God means to be lost! I do not know whether I shall live tomorrow, but I must tell my friends, Lavredan is afraid to die an atheist. I am not afraid of hell, but the thought impresses me, God lives and you are so far from Him. Rejoice, my soul, that I have been permitted to experience the hour when, on my knees, I can say, I believe, I believe in God. I believe, I believe—that word is the main hymn of humanity. For him who does not accept it, it will soon be night ! GK

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