Who can bear our sins?-Isaiah 53:6

The late Henry Moorhouse, a noble evangelist, was once in very “trying circumstances.” His little daughter, who was paralyzed, was sitting in her chair as he entered the house with a package for his wife. Going up to her and kissing her, he said, “Where is mother?” “Mother is upstairs.” “Well, I have a package for her.” “Let me carry the package to Mother.” “Why, Minnie, dear, how can you carry the package? You cannot carry yourself.” With a smile on her face, Minnie said, “Oh, no, Papa; but you give me the package, and I will carry the package, and you will carry me.” Taking her up in his arms, he carried her upstairs — little Minnie and the package, too. And then “the word of the Lord came” to him that this was just his position in the work in which he was engaged. He was carrying his burden, but was not God carrying him?

With that illustration being stated I was thinking of the verse in Isaiah 53:6 which states, ” All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.”  In 1 John 2:2, we are reminded that Jesus died not only for our sins but for the sins of the whole world. That Jesus is the sin-bearing One. I want you to think along with me. Jesus Christ who had never sinned, who knew nothing of sin, suddenly took on all of the sin ever committed by everyone who had ever lived. All the billions who are living at present in this planet and millions who have departed from this planet, Jesus Christ has absorbed all of their sins. In 2 Corinthians 5:21 we read, “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” Now I call that Amazing Grace!

The one who bore our sins on the Cross of Calvary; the One who nailed those sins on the Cross of Calvary; the One who paid the price for those sins by His death on the Cross has come out victorious from the buried grave defeating death to give us life eternal. This very Christ is asking us to lay all our burdens at his feet and to hide in Him.

I quote this poem: Hiding in Jesus who bore our sins…

When trials come, and storms arise;
When tempests darken earth and skies,
And everything my spirit tries,
I’ll hide myself in Jesus.
When friends turn cold, and scorn to own
That I, as friend, was ever known,
And I am left to go alone,
I’ll hide myself in Jesus.
Should fortune fail, and sorrows come,
And I am left without a home,
I know in Christ there’s always room
To hide myself in Jesus.
Should that dear one on whom I lean
No longer by my side be seen,
Should death’s dark veil e’er come between,
I’ll hide myself in Jesus.

As one by one my ties are riven;
As one by one the dear ones given,
Are torn from earth, to live in Heaven,
“I’ll hide myself in Jesus.
While here below, on storm-tossed sea,
Where dangers ever threaten me,
It ever shall my purpose be
To hide myself in Jesus.
There is no other safe retreat
Where I may hide when tempests beat,
Here I have found a rest complete
While hiding now in Jesus.
0 let me always here abide,
Safe sheltered in His wounded side,
Till I, the storms of earth outride,
Till then I’ll hide in Jesus.

The One who bore our sins is asking us to cast our burdens upon Him and find our complete rest in Him. Come to Jesus Christ and find your comfort in Him. GK!


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