Texas gunman escaped from mental health facility! I wonder how?

When you switch on the TV or grab a Newspaper all that you would end up seeing or reading is about the depthness of evil that is evident in this Nation and around the world.  Why there is so much evil? Why people or nations dedicating their precious time in planning and conducting evil without any sense of guilt or remorse? Is this generation becoming arrogant? Or ignorant? Or useless? Do we really see the problem or disease behind all that happening in this nation and around the world?

As you all know from the last weekend event of a gunman who killed 26 people at a Texas church and his histroy is that he escaped a mental health facility in 2012 and made death threats to his superiors in the Air Force, but still evil in this man is not identified. Later in an year Devin Kelley the gunman, was also accused of rape in 2013, a case that later was dropped, but still evil within him is not identified. According to all the reports coming out this gunman has a history of unpredictable behavior and tendency for violence and what was shocking for me was the report that knowing that this man was mad and evil in heart was allowed to buy four guns between 2014 and 2017, and it’s all because of the Air force’s failure to report his history of domestic abuse to databases used by gun dealers to perform background checks on buyers. My question is this, “why we need guns? If we are called to love, care and be concerned about each other why we need guns? Anyhow that is a different topic in itself. We can discuss that later.”

Coming back according to the reports coming out, the gunman Davin Kelly, “suffered from mental health disorders” and had apparently been sent to the facility during his Air Force court-martial proceedings on charges of beating his wife and stepson in 2011 and 2012. Why are we failing to identify evil and being lazy to take the steps to dismantle it? The gunman Devin Kelly has a history of evil in him.  How can we resolve this problem or disease of evil invading individual lives, families, communities and our whole nation?

What I see happening in our midst is the denial of the reality of sin where self-aggrandizing motives can override character. As Dr. Ravi Zacharias stated, “in our spiritually amputated world, the art of obscuring truth has become a science in courtroom and political theatrics.” Do we have a fixed moral worth? Do we have a moral standard that is never compromised? So I agree with Dr. Ravi Zacharias, “The crucial death of our time is that there is no transcendent context within which to discuss moral theory. Just as words in order to have meaning must point beyond themselves to a commonly understood real existence, so also, must the reality point beyond itself to commonly accepted essence. Otherwise, reality has no moral quotient whatsoever and moral meaning dissolves into the subjective, rendering it beyond debate. Only the transcendent can unchangingly provide fixed moral worth.”  Do this nation know the transcendent one? Do this nation have a transcendent context?

To make it simple the law we have comes with both moral and spiritual values. Man who is immoral, lawless and unspiritual or Godless cannot create moral or spiritual values. It should come from a moral and spiritual transcendent one.  It is only then the moral value can convicts the individual who has failed to keep the value and provide forgiveness according to the spiritual value. Remember this forgiveness does not minimize the wrongdoing. Rather it is offered in full recognition of the heinousness of what is being forgiven. Therefore, coming to God is important for all of us. Because there you find forgiveness and love. We don’t have time to waste in arguments and passing judgements with no spiritual context because it will kill both the law and love.

I want to remind you that my God is in the business of rescue. As human beings we all fall short. Our only hope is for us to take the step in understanding God’s ways, through which forgiveness and responsibility come in balance. Then there is indeed another bridge, one on which a body was broken so that a path was made that we might cross over and live. You look at that Cross and you would see in that Cross lies both judgment and mercy. As the saying goes, “the judge of all the earth cannot be fooled by shades of meaning, nor can He be obliterated by the shadows of death.”  As the hymn writer James Russell Lowell pointed out, “Though the cause of evil prosper, yet ’tis truth alone is strong; Though her portion be the scaffold and upon the throne be wrong, yet that scaffold sways the future, and behind the dim unknown, standeth God within the shadow keeping watch above his own.”

So I forgive Devin Kelly in the light of the spiritual law but he is responsible for the crime committed against the moral law or anyone who breaks the moral law. May God of all comfort give peace and grace for the families who lost their loved ones.

I urge all the readers come to Jesus Christ for He is our help in ages past and our only hope for years to come. GGK!

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