There is Only One Way to be Right with God-Jesus Christ!

I have a close friend who goes to church but spend time joyfully reading her daily horoscope to see if love is on the horizon. My Christian friend Justin loves to buy fortune cookies and spend money to get his palm read to see what the future holds. Recently I met a guy on the train who was on the way to Central Philly who loves to read all religious  books in order to know the truth and also spend time studying various religions because he thinks they are all facets of the same spiritual reality. I was asking myself is there anything wrong with this picture?

Definitely as you review this present culture, these individuals are doing what is perfectly acceptable in our present culture. They are living or exercising their freedom in living their lives and making their own choices, including the choice of religion. I totally agree it is their right to worship whatever God or gods they choose. And they have the total freedom to pick and choose their beliefs from existing faiths to create their own custom fit style of beliefs.

Let me ask are you are creating your own custom fit style of beliefs, are all religions the same? Does all religion direct us in the same path towards God? Absolutely not! All religions have different convictions and ways to know God but is it all the right way to God? Is it all acceptable?  There is a reason why a religion exist. From the market place of religions which one is authentic or trust worthy or dependable? I just want to bring few examples to your attention and answer these concerns in a broad manner.

a. Take the problem of evil, for instance. Hinduism claims that evil is illusory, but Christianity claims that it is real. Now both views cannot be true therefore logically, it must be one or the other. Which view would you put your confidence in?

b. Muslims consider Jesus to be merely a prophet. Orthodox Jews say that He was a false teacher. Buddhists do not believe in Christ at all. Yet Christians know that He is the Son of God who came to earth to redeem mankind from sin. Now on this point itself four different religions give four different answers. Now can all of them be truthful, even when they contradict one another? Absolutely Not!

Therefore, many believe that all religions should be considered equal. Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity are all good and true compared to any other faiths. Even atheism is acceptable. It is simply a matter of what works for the individual. My question would be to those who make such claims truly do they understand what they are claiming?

So as you review from a scholarly level in the American culture one could find truth is definitely in short supply. Truth is never sought after. Truth has become unknown. Truth has become less than fiction. So things can be true for one person but not for another.  Now for some this may sound really great, but Christ definitely makes it clear that there are wrong ways to do things. When He calls himself the truth, Jesus calls everything else false. Any way other than that which He provides is absolutely unacceptable. Jesus came to show us the true way compared to other religious leaders. Jesus came to establish our lives with meaning and purpose in comparison to other religious leaders. Jesus came to correct our thinking and refocus our minds in Him alone. Jesus came to show us that life is a prelude to eternity. That is glorious life is for those who come in obedience and put their faith and trust in the Son of God.

In short the point is this: without Christ, there can be no truth, eternal life or access to the heavenly Father. Christ is the one and only way to eternity.

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