Are you worried?

Meeting up with few families this evening I was really challenged to provide an answer on issue of being worried. On the way back home from visiting these few families I was asking myself what worry is all about? How would one define worry? Am I worried?

Many Christians are stymied by this problem of being worried in life. Worry can create problems in our lives, it can sap the vitality of our lives and drive us in the direction of ultimate destruction. Worry makes us incapable of handling life’s problems. Worry overall reveals lack of faith in God and keeps us from carrying out responsibilities and serving Jesus Christ. Worry is sin.

Is worry keeping you from living as faithfully as Christ have desired in your life? In the Bible the word “worry” usually is translated “anxiety” or “care.” Now the Greek word in the New Testament means “to divide, part, rip, or tear apart.” The word describes the effects of worry; that is what worry does to us. But worry itself is concern over the future. Worry is concern about something that we can do nothing about, and that we cannot even be sure about.  Worry is being concerned over the unknown and uncontrollable future that tears one apart.

That’s why Jesus Christ said, “therefore do not be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself” (Matt. 6:34). Jesus made it clear that what is wrong with worry is that it is the wrong focus on life. He says that it is wrong to let tomorrow’s possible problems tear you apart today. Let me tell you each day has enough trouble of its own. Don’t focus your concern upon tomorrows’ problems; there are enough to handle today. Tomorrow always belongs to God. Tomorrow is in His hands. Remember God has given us only today. Let us focus the hours of today and surrender everything to our God. Leave worry aside and trust our sovereign God because HE knows all that’s’ happening in our lives.

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