What is Evil?

No matter where we live, no matter the circumstance of our lives, no matter how much money or worldly success we may have, we all experience evil.  I hold on to the conviction that the amount of evil, and the nature of evil, is a excellent evidence that there is something greater than evil, something that is opposite to evil which is capable to overcome all evil.

It was Augustine who defined evil as “a privation of a good, even to the point of complete nonentity” (Confession, III.7). To make it very simple evil is where good should be but its not. So evil is not a thing; it has no substance but it doesn’t mean that evil doesn’t exist.
Evil exist just as good. Thus if evil is the departure from the way things ought to be then evil is real and it was not created by God rather it was made possible by God. From this comes two kinds of arguments against God that spring from the existence of evil or why God would allow evil? Now one argument holds that evil could not exist at the same time as morally perfect, all-powerful, all-knowing God. This is called the logical argument from evil. Now the second argument says the amount and quality of evil makes it extremely unlikely that a morally perfect, all-powerful, all-knowing God exists. This is known as the evidential or probabilistic argument.

Evil is real therefore there is only one way to resolve this reality. The only answer is found in the person of Jesus. He is the solution to all moral and natural evil. If moral evil is what you have committed and is what plagues you, then Jesus takes the punishment that you deserve and pays for it Himself by His death. If you are suffering from physical or natural evil think of Christ resurrection. We see Him not just restoring to His physical body, but to a glorified state. His resurrected body cannot die, get sick, or be corrupted in any way. Thus through Christ death and resurrection evil is defeated for all eternity. GG!

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