God Knows What We Can Carry

“For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:14)

We belong to a God who is tenderly concerned about our frailties. It is He who made us, and it is He alone who knows our innate weaknesses. As the father pities his children, so the Lord cares for us when we are bogged down with adversity from all compartments of life. If we prayerfully look to Him in our troubles, He will not allow our burdens to become greater than we can bear.

I remember reading about a man who was shopping in a grocery store about couple blocks away from my Townhouse. He was shopping with his small son following closely behind him. The boy was carrying a large basket, and the father loaded the basket with one item after another. He put in canned goods, sugar, flour, meat, and a variety of vegetables. A customer watching nearby began to feel sorry for the struggling youngster. Walking up behind him, she said quietly, “That’s a heavy load for a little guy like you to carry, is it not?” The boy turned to her as if surprised that anyone needed to be told. Then he smiled with great confidence and said, “Oh, don’t worry, my dad knows how much I can carry!”

Let me remind you this hour my dear loved ones. Our God knows the limit of our endurance. He greatly understands precisely how much we can take in life. He will not do anything to hurt us, and He is too wise to make any mistakes. Therefore, no Christian can truthfully say about his trials, “They are too much for me.”

It was Frances Ridley Havergal, the hymn writer, who reminds us with these words,

“As thy days they strength shall be!”
This should be enough for thee;
He who knows they frame will spare
Burdens more than thou can bear.

I want to encourage you to be joyful because God knows how much you can carry! The God who knows our load limit graciously limits our load. Lets trust our God this hour forth and move forward without distrust and fear. Believe our God knows it all. GG!


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