Contrasts Between Islam and Christianity-Part I

Similar to Christianity, Islam is divided into many different factions. The two main groups are the Sunnis (85%) and the Shiahs (15%). These two groups don’t love one another because there are hundreds of sects of Islam. The Sunnis could be likened to Roman Catholics and the Shiahs to Protestants.

Now Mohammed was born in 570 A.D. in Arabia. He was orphaned, and worked as a camel driver. At the age of 40 he married a rich widow, Khadijah, and began to receive revelations allegedly from the Angle Gabriel. These revelations eventuated in the Koran or “recitations.”

It was Sir Norman Anderson, author and scholar, who described Mohammed as “one who would retire to caves for seclusion and meditation, practiced fasting and was prone to revelationary dreams. He was generous, resolute, genial, and astute; a shrewd judge and a born leader of men. At the same time he could be a cruel and vindictive to his enemies; he could stoop to assassination; and he was undeniably sensual, having nine wives one of which was nine years old.”

Now lets look into Christ the one whose name blossoms on the pages of history “like the flowers of a thousand springtime in the limits of a single garden” The name that echoes down the corridors of time “like the music of a thousand choirs, visible and invisible, in one grand anthem.” The name that adorns the record of the centuries like the splendor of a thousand monuments built of the purest of precious stone. The name after centuries of scrutiny such as a sculptor gives to the marble out of which he is to chisel a masterpiece, shines in the galaxy of earths’ great souls like the glory of a thousand suns. The name that is greater, more glorious and more meaningful than all the names of the world besides.

This name Jesus is printed in every minds. His character stands above the character of Mohammad. Christ’s purpose accomplished Redemption for lost humanity but the purpose of Mohammad is still unfulfilled and buried with him. Mohammad is a person called out in pointing to Christ as the ultimate answer for the lost humanity. To those who have entrusted their faith in this Jesus as their Christ and Lord for them, He is Eternal; He is Equal; He is Enduringly the Same; He is the source of life; He is the Sustainer of life; and He is the Significance of life. It is this Jesus the Christ that the world needs to know through our lives. The Muslims do their pilgrimage to Mecca to please Allah but my pilgrimage as been to know God and so that knowledge can be imparted to others.  Thus in my pilgrimage in knowing God I found this Christ is the Wind beneath my wings, the Treasure that I seek, the Foundation on which I build, the Song in my heart, the Object of my desire, the Breath of my life and He is my All in all. It is through Christ ALONE I can experience heaven in my heart. GG!


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