Are you worried?

Meeting up with few families this evening I was really challenged to provide an answer on issue of being worried. On the way back home from visiting these few families I was asking myself what worry is all about? How would one define worry? Am I worried? Many Christians are stymied by this problem of … More Are you worried?

Contrasts Between Islam and Christianity-Part I

Similar to Christianity, Islam is divided into many different factions. The two main groups are the Sunnis (85%) and the Shiahs (15%). These two groups don’t love one another because there are hundreds of sects of Islam. The Sunnis could be likened to Roman Catholics and the Shiahs to Protestants. Now Mohammed was born in … More Contrasts Between Islam and Christianity-Part I

What is Evil?

No matter where we live, no matter the circumstance of our lives, no matter how much money or worldly success we may have, we all experience evil.  I hold on to the conviction that the amount of evil, and the nature of evil, is a excellent evidence that there is something greater than evil, something … More What is Evil?